Hand made ceramics

The Kerakamika Brand was founded by the Academic artists Tatjana and Borche Bogoevski.

Since 2013 they hold workshops on ceramics for children and adults. They also design and produce ceramic arts and crafts. They have participated to numerous events, bazars, fairs and art colonies. They have realized several projects in the area of culture and creative industries for development of unique ceramic products.

The basic idea of this team is to combine the art and the practical, to “give soul” to everyday objects surrounding us, believing that these objects will trigger a process of a beautiful transformation (internal and external).

The materials that are used for production are high quality, non-toxic and dishwasher safe.

The techniques used for creating are a combination of tradition (pottery wheal) and modern production of ceramics, always experimenting with tactile effects and materials in order to provide a unique experience and satisfaction. These mini art pieces have a goal to make the client’s everyday surroundings  constantly inspiring.

Cell: 075 743 891
Short fb name: @kerakamika
Short instagram name: kerakamika