Current projects

1. Project Title: “Creative Industries Centre” (CIC)
Location Skopje, Macedonia
Time Frame December 31, 2010 – June 30, 2012
Partners The City of Skopje, Museum of Skopje
MATA (Macedonian Artisans Trade Association), Skopje
Implementer MATA (Macedonian Artisans Trade Association), Skopje
  • Reaffirming the traditional handcrafts and their adaptation to market needs
  • Mentoring local craftsmen to fill the lack of knowledge on modern technologies and design
  • Strengthening the skills of artists and craft makers for finalization and product quality
  • Help for selling product on the market
  • Promotion of artistic crafts and domestic craft makers using modern marketing techniques
Activities At the same time efforts will be made to create conditions for development and other creative industries such as design, architecture, art, fashion design, advertising, performance arts and publishing.

1. Adaptation and equipping of the Center for Creative Industries technical and office equipment necessary to carry out planned activities

2. Development of training modules and organizing and implementing training programs

3. Development and implementation of program design mentoring

4. Development of partnership and collaboration with renowned design schools

5. Design and implementation of marketing services

6. Installing laboratories with appropriate activities such as: computer lab, resource library and design, classroom, small trade workshop, showroom and shop

7. Promotional campaign for the center