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Title Author
1 New Scandinavian Design
2 Idea searching David Bramston
3 Package design Now G.Kozak and J.Wiedemann
4 Visual Merchandising Tony Morgan
5 The designer`s packaging Bible Luke Herriot
6 The Packaging and Design Templates Sourcebook Luke Herriot
7 1000 Product Designs Eric Chan
8 Forms, Folds and Sizes, Second Edition Poppy Evans & Aaris Sherin
9 Experimental Eco Design C.Brower, R.Mallory & Z.Ohlman
10 Food Design
11 Extra Ordinary Hisako Ichiki
12 Barcelona
13 New Furniture Design Ralf Daab
14 Take One
15 Ecodesign Silvia Barbero; Brunella Cozzo
16 Design Inspirations
17 Kilim A.Hull & J.Luczyc-Wyhowska
18 Custom Slipcovers Made Easy Elizabet Dubicki
19 Scrapbook
21 Taking great photos Heidi Adnum
22 Printed square
Title Author
1 Web design: Flash folios Ed. Julius Wiedemann
2 Web design: E-Commerce Ed. Julius Wiedemann
3 Colour for websites Molly E. Holzschlag
4 In your Face too Daniel Donnelly
5 Contemporary Graphic Design Charlotte & Peter Fiell
6 Experimental Layout Ian Noble & Russell Bestley
7 Latin American Graphic Design Felipe Taborda Julius Wiedemann
8 1000 Retail Graphics JGA
9 Deconstructing Logo Design Matthew Healy
10 Promo Art
11 No Rules Logos John Stones
12 Graphic Design for Non Designers Tony Seddon & Jane Waterhouse
13 Font (new in paperback) Tamye Riggs with James Grieshaber
14 Choosing & Using Paper for Great Graphic Design Mark Hampshire & Keith Stephenson
15 Choosing Colour for Logos & Packaging John T. Drew & Sarah A. Meyer
16 999 Logo Design Elements Daniel Donnelly
17 Best of Business Card Design 8 Rex Peteet
18 Best of Brochure Design 9 Jason Godfrey
19 The Best of Brochure Design 11 Kiki Eldridge
20 Masters of Design: Corporate Brochures Sean Adams
21 Colour Management for Packaging John T. Drew & Sarah A. Meyer
22 Creating Great Graphic Design to a Budget Scott Witham
23 Experimental Formats and Packaging
24 1000 Restaurant Bar and Café Graphics Luke Herriot
25 Web Design: Interactive & Games Ed. Julius Wiedemann
26 Web Design: Video Sites Ed. Julius Wiedemann
Title Author
1 Fashion Now 2
2 Fashion Brands/2nd edition Mark Tungate
3 Patterns in fashion Macarena San Martin
4 Young Fashion Designers Marta R Hidalgo
5 Fashion Illustration Techniques Maite Lafuente
6 The T-shirt Luo Lv, Zhang Huiguang
7 Shoes Linda O`Keeffe
8 Kids Fashion Designers
9 ECO fashion Sass Brown
10 Fashion Jewellery Maia Adams
11 World Textiles J.Gillow & B.Sentance
12 Textiles from the Balkans Diana Waller
13 The World Wide History of Dress
14 The Printed Square Nicky Albrechtsen
15 Fashion Label Toby Meadows
Title Author
1 New Fire Place design
2 Converted Spaces
3 Eco – houses Barbara Linz
4 One Off Clare Dowdy
5 Stone architecture David Dernie
6 Wood architecture Ruth Slavid
7 Retail Desire Johnny Tucker
8 New Shops & Boutiques Marta Serrats
9 Modern Furniture
10 Lofts
11 Point of Purchase Marta Serrats
12 Wall Design
13 New Retail Raul A.Barreneche
14 Store Window Design teNeues
15 Cool Hotels New York Martin N. Kunz and Jake Townsend
16 Bookshelf Alex Johnson
19 The Independent Design Guide Laura Houseley
Title Author
1 Brand Identity Now Ed. Julius Wiedemann
2 Managing the Design Process Implementing Design
3 What is Branding Matthew Healy
4 What is Exhibition Design J. Lorenc/ L. Skolnick/ C.Berger
5 What is Product Design Laura Slack
6 The Freelance Design Handbook Cathy Fishel
7 Display John Stones
8 Creating Your Digital Design Portfolio Ian Clazie
9 Managing the Design Process – Concept Development Terry Lee Stone
10 Managing the Design Process – Implementing Design Terry Lee Stone
11 Brand Identity Essentials Kevin Budelman; Yang Kim; Curt Wozniak
12 Umetnosta na Pocetokot Gaj Kavasaki
13 Guerrilla Advertising 2 Gavin Lucas
Title Author
1 Handmade Style: Paper
2 The Stamp Artist’s project book Sharlin Miller
3 Magenta style paper magic N.Metivier & L.C.Carola
5 Box by Box Jim Stack
6 Ann: Complete Practical Potter Josie Warshow
7 Paper Perfect Labeena Ishaque
8 The New Paper Style Mimi Christensen
9 The Potter’s Studio Handbook Kristin Muler
11 Crochet jewellery Sophie Britten
12 Box Frame Magic Lizzie O`Pray with H.Atkinson
13 Paper Claire Richardson
14 The Potter’s Studio Clay & Glaze Handbook Jeff Zamek
15 Wool Toys and Friends Laurie Sharp
16 Altered Paper Jewellery Jenn Mason
17 Making Handmade Lamp work Beads & Glass Jewellery Hava & Danny Ronat
18 The Complete Photo Guide to Jewellery Making Tommy Powley
19 Felt Fashion Jenne Giles
20 Re-Bound Jeannine Stein
21 1000 Artisan Textiles Sandra Salamony & Gina M.Brown
22 Creative Cloth Doll Collection Patti Medaris Culea
23 The Complete Photo Guide to Doll Making
24 The complete book of candles and candle making Gloria Nicol
25 The Origami Bible Nick Robinson
26 Jewellery inspirations Sandra Salamony
27 Modern paper crafts Margaret Van Sicklen
28 Creating papercrafts Labeena Ishaque
29 Basketry Bryan Sentence
30 The book of crafts Katherine Sorrell
31 Beautiful rings Marthe Le Van
32 Classic paper techniques for greeting cards & gifts Alisa Harkless
33 Fabulous earrings Marthe Le Van
34 The art of card making Claire Sun-ok Choi; Lisa Kerr; Susan Jaworski-Stranc
35 The right frame Henry Heydenryk,jr
36 WOOD Materials for inspirational design Chris Lefteri
37 Jewelry making techniques book Elizabeth Oliver
38 The Complete Potter Steve Mattison
39 Cross stitch greeting cards Joan Elliott`s
40 Fast Fabric Gifts Sally Southern
41 Plexi Class Tonia Devenport
42 Heavenly Hand Made Bags Sue Hawkins
43 Quick&Clever Felting Ellen Kharade
44 Encaustic Workshop Patricial Baldwin Seggebruch
45 The Art of Manipulating Fabric Collete Wolff
46 Image Transfer Workshop D.O. McElroy & S.D. Wilson
47 Spin Dye Stitch Jennifer Claydon
48 Scarves and Wraps Jill Denton
49 Paper Sculpture James C. Cochrane
50 Stray Sock Sewing By Daniel
51 Craft Cycle Heidi Boyd
52 How to make clay characters Maureen Carlson
53 The Complete Photo Guide to RIBBON CRAFTS
54 Creating Books & Boxes Benjamin D. Rinehart
55 Art Doll Adventures Lisa Li Hertzi
56 The Art of Paper Cutting Henya Melichson
57 Cloth doll artistry Barbara Willis
58 Polymer Clay Art Celie Fago,Ellen Marshall,Livia Mcree etc
59 Creative Cloth explorations Patti Medaris Culea
60 Art Making and studio spaces Lynne Perrella
61 The cardmaker,s workbook Jann Mason
62 Embellished Applique Patricia Converse
63 The Complete photo guide to paper crafts Trice Boerens
64 The creative entrepreneur Lisa Sonora Beam
65 Electroforming for Jewelry Denise Peck
66 The encyclopedia of contemporary Jewelry Making techniques Vannetta Seecharran
67 The Beaded Edge Midori Nishida
68 Silversmithing for Jewelry Makers Elizabeth Bone
69 Card Weaving Candace Crockett
70 The new artisans
71 Paper Folding Templates Trish Witkowski
72 Knitting with wire Nancie.M.Wiseman
73 Embroidered Textiles Sheila Paine
74 Color Works Deb Menz
75 The Practical Woodworker Stephen Corbett
1 How Magazine (Download)
2 Lapidary Jewelry Artist Journal (Download)
3 The Crafts Report (Download)
4 Elle Decoration (Hard Copy)
5 Vogue (Hard Copy)
6 Handwoven (Hard Copy)
7 American Craft (Hard Copy)
8 Ideal Home (Hard Copy)
9 Hand&Eye Mag (Download)
10 Print Magazine (Download)
eBooks / DVDs / pdf Issues
1 Colorways Spring 2011/eMag (PC)
2 Colorways Fall 2011/eMag (PC)
3 How Singles_Balancing Your Business (Download)
4 How Singles_Foldastic (Download)
5 How Singles_For Display Only (Download)
6 How Singles_Rock Your Website (Download)
7 How Singles_Start Smart (Download)
8 How Singles_Young Hungry Creative (Download)
9 The Loom Owner’s Companion: Know and Love Your Loom (HD PART 1) /DVD
10 The Loom Owner’s Companion: Know and Love Your Loom (HD PART 2) /DVD
11 Loom OwnersCompanion_Headless.pdf
12 Metalsmith Essentials: Jewelry Etching on Copper (Download)
13 Metalsmith Essentials: Basic Jewelry Hammering and Forming (Download)
14 Metalwork: Exploring Metal Clay Hollow Forms
15 Metalwork: Exploring Metal Clay Basics
16 Metalsmith Essentials: How to Solder Jewelry
17 Metalsmith Essentials: Hammering and Forming Jewelry, Volume 2
18 Quilting Arts TV, Series 800 (PT1) (Download)
19 Quilting Arts TV, Series 800 (PT2)(Download)
20 Punched Copper Earrings
21 10 Silver Jewelry Making Projects
22 Woven Treasures eBook: One-of-a-Kind Bags with Folk Weaving Techniques
23 How to Photograph Your Jewelry (download)
24 The Encaustic Studio eBook + video download: A Wax Workshop in Mixed-Media Art
25 Colorways, Spring 2012 / eMag for PC
26 DIY Fabric Design!: 10 Ways to Make Your Own Fabrics with Surface Design Techniques / eBook
27 10 Projects to Organize Your Art Studio Beautifully, Plus How to Host Successful Open Studios /eBook
28 Wearable Art: 10 Creative Ways to Accessorize /eBook
29 Best of Handwoven: Baker’s Dozen: 13 Handwoven Bags /eBook
30 Simply Felt eBook: 20 Easy and Elegant Designs in Wool
31 Felted Knits eBook: The Art of Shrinking Your Knitting
32 Handcrafted Wire Findings: Techniques and Designs for Custom Jewelry Components /eBook
33 Knitted Wire Bracelet
34 Crochet With Wire /eBook
35 Dyeing in the Kitchen (Download)
36 Exploring Resin Jewelry-Making with Susan Lenart Kazmer (Download)
37 Twenty to Make: Beaded Felt Jewelry /eBook